CEPHAS 2022: The Search for Happiness: the Cardinal Virtues and the Good Life

26th-29th August 2022 

When we speak of virtues—not only these cardinal ones, but all of them, every virtue—we must always have in mind the real man, the actual man. Virtue is not something abstract, detached from life, but, on the contrary, it has deep “roots” in life itself, it springs from the latter and forms it. Virtue has an impact on man’s life, on his actions and behaviour (Pope John Paul II, Fides et Ratio)

At CEPHAS 2022, we explored together four pillars of the good life – prudence, justice, fortitude, and temperance – and how they help to orient and transform us in our search for happiness.

[Sr Magdalene leads a CEPHAS philosophy workshop on the virtue of Prudence]

In its tenth anniversary year, CEPHAS 2022 gave participants the chance to reflect on core human questions about our desires and affection, and about how to make difficult decisions and respond justly to the challenges of the contemporary world.

[Sr Valery leads a theology small-group workshop discussion]

There were a series of philosophy and theology workshops, evening talks with good wine, as well as the opportunity to participate in a daily liturgy, with further time for prayer and reflection.

[Dr William Sharkey makes a case for Elizabeth Anscombe as the greatest philosopher of the twentieth century, in a much-enjoyed evening talk]

Participants on CEPHAS 2022 said:

A massive thank you to everyone involved – it has been amazing!

I loved the themes, content, and delivery. The balance of study, prayer, and fellowship was excellent.

The lecture content was well organised and focused on practical situations – intellectually challenging, but stimulating and easy to follow. Presentation was great and brought emphasis on the important points.

Thank you so much for this conference and all the effort and hard work that has been put into it. The ability to gather and discuss with a framework of reflection and prayer/sacraments is truly precious.

The Theodore House facilities and catering were fantastic – everything that was needed. Really lovely with a great range of food.

Thank you for a great weekend. Highly recommended

Enjoyed all greatly! Hats off! Keep going!