Report from CEPHAS 2014


Tackling perennial questions – about good and evil, the purpose and meaning of life, reason and the supernatural – through the resources of catholic philosophy.

After two week-long courses in 2012 and 2013, this year we experimented with a shorter, long-weekend format.

The long-weekend was packed with five philosophy workshops and discussions:

1) Ethics: Good, Evil, Happiness etc!
2) Human Nature: Mind, Body, and the Extraordinary Powers of the Human Soul!
3) The Philosophy of Nature: Matter and Form, the Problem of Change, and Act and Potency.
4) The Philosophy of Being: The Ten Categories, and Essence and Existence.
5) Philosophy and Theology: Reason and Faith, and the Theology of the Transubstantiation.

In addition, there were two evening lectures:

Fr Richard Conrad, ‘Compatibility or Conflict? Aristotelian Philosophy of Nature and Modern Science’

Sr Valery Walker, ‘The Philosophy of the Incarnation’

Participants commented:

It was indeed a wonderful weekend and I was greatly uplifted in my faith from the experience. Likewise, sharing in fellowship with yourself and others was truly edifying. It was, for me, much on a par with a spiritual retreat as much as an intro to Thomistic philosophy.

The course was very enjoyable this year.  All the people got on well with one another. The philosophy and Aquinas groups were as stimulating as ever. I thought you took so much trouble to explain things, especially when some people were evidently seeking very detailed replies. It’s lovely for me to be in touch with people that I would not necessarily meet in my own milieu, and Stone is such a lovely venue. The food was excellent again this year.