Report from CEPHAS 2015


Another successful long-weekend of philosophy at CEPHAS 2015!

There were lots of personnel changes this year: Sr Valery directed the course, and was ably assisted by two of the participants, Rhona and Elena. There were also two new lecturers, with Dominic Sullivan and Daniel de Haan standing in for George Corbett (starting work at the University of St Andrews) and Stephen Barrie (booked up in Oxford).

Dominic led workshops on the philosophy of nature, and on ethics and the nature of human happiness, while Daniel led two workshops on Metaphysics.

Sr Valery led afternoon workshops on the Summa of St Thomas, building on the topics in the philosophy workshops.

Daniel also gave a public lecture ‘Neuro-Thomism? Is there a place for a philosopher in a neuro-science lab’. This was much appreciated and discussion continued into the night!

Participants commented:

The interactive style of both group leaders has been excellent – it helped everyone to feel at ease and keep involved.

The various sessions seemed to support each other and the teachers were very impressive.

A lovely weekend and fascinating.