Past CEPHAS Guest Speakers

Fr Martin Ganeri, OP

‘A Thomistic Approach to Other Religions’ (2017)

 Br Andrew Wagstaff

‘Aquinas, Law, and a Changes to Marriage in the British Legal System Post-War’ (2016)

Dr Daniel de Haan

‘Neuro-Thomism? Is there a place for a philosopher in a neuro-science lab’ (2015)

Fr Richard Conrad, OP

‘Compatibility or Conflict? Aristotelian Philosophy of Nature and Modern Science’ (2014)

Sr Valery Walker, OP

‘The Philosophy of the Incarnation’ (2014)

Yasser Ahmed

‘Philosophy in the Islamic Tradition’ (2013)

Sr Tamsin Mary Geach, OP

‘Grace and Freedom’ (2013)

Stephen Barrie

‘Danger and Excitement with Runaway Trains: An Introduction to Some Ethical Thought Experiments’ (2013)

Dr Andrew Pinsent

‘Twelve Key Ideas of Catholic Philosophy: The Perspective of a Priest and Particle Physicist’ (2013)

Fr Julian Booth

‘Blessed Dominic Barberi and the Year of Faith’ (2013)

Dr Clare Hornsby

‘Culture and the Western Canon: The Arts Expressing the Thought of Catholic Europe’ (2012)

Stephen Barrie

‘Philosophical principles, and errors, in medical ethics today’ (2012) 

Sr Anne-Catherine

‘Nihil nisi veritas: The Dominican Vocation of Truth’ (2012)

Dr George Corbett

‘Dante’s Divine Comedy: A Vision of Human Nature’ (2012)

Dominic Sullivan

‘Philosophy in Education’ (2012)

Fr Thomas Crean

‘Where Materialism Goes Wrong’ (2012)

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