Images and Quotes from CEPHAS 2013

Studying philosophy

I adored these five days. It was a joy not just reading Thomas and beginning to get a handle on Aristotelian categories and concepts but watching others do so.

…tuition from highly qualified teachers able to simplify dense topics.

Tea break!

…Meeting others young and older passionate about philosophy and St Thomas’ writings, and being able to chat with them at meals and between lectures.

Fr Andrew Pinsent speaks on “12 Key Principles of Catholic Philosophy”

The day was well constructed and there was no ‘hanging around’ so time went very quickly as we were occupied.

Participants enjoying a convent meal!

Excellent hospitality from Dominican nuns: good food and accommodation.

Caption competition…
Sr Tamsin Geach OP prepares to speak on “Grace and Freedom”
The Choir

The Dominican sisters made us feel so welcome and from the first day George, Stephen, and Sr Valery fostered a sense of collegiality and made certain we continually felt we could (eventually) really understand this.

Dr George Corbett introduces guest speaker Mr Yasser Ahmed, who spoke on “Philosophy in the Islamic Tradition”

I found this week to be a deeply helpful integration of high-level philosophical discussion with an experience of encouraging community life. While George and Stephen helpfully instructed, the sisters at Stone were consistently kind and welcoming. All in all, this was a wonderful experience.

Participants discuss St Thomas during an afternoon session