CEPHAS 2017 is exploring the relationship between philosophy and revelation!

There is a keynote lecture by Fr Martin Ganeri, O.P. ‘A Thomist Engagement with Other Religions’as well as philosophy workshops with Dr George Corbett and theology workshops with Sr Valery Walker, O.P.

See below, for the provisional course timetable.


THURSDAY 27th July

Arrivals from 5 pm

6.15 pm:     Supper

8pm:           Welcome and Intro. (Sr Valery and George)

FRIDAY 28th July

8.00            Breakfast                                                                            

9.30           Natural and Christian Ethics (What is Happiness?)

11.00          Coffee Break                                                                     

11.30         Seminar contd.        

12.30:         Lunch                                                                                    

3.30           Theology Workshop        (Sr Valery)    

6.15:           Supper                                                                                   

8.00            Evening Lecture   (with good wine and nibbles)                                                                                                                                                                  

SATURDAY 29th  July                                                                                  

8.00            Breakfast

10.00         Reason and Reality (A Perennial Philosophy?)

11.00          Coffee Break

11.30         Seminar  contd.

12.30         Lunch

3.30:           Fr Martin Ganeri ‘A Thomist Engagement with Other Religions’

6.15:           Supper

8.00            Evening Meal Out (Italian Restaurant).  

SUNDAY 30th July

8.00am       Breakfast

9.15           Reason and Faith (Two Wings?)

11.00          MASS

12.30          Lunch

2.00            Concluding session and feedback.

3pm:          Departures